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The Samarian by Ask-Jack-and-Thomas
The Samarian
Another alternate gun. This one replaces a pistol in a fantasy arsenal.

Upsides: Massive damage, hard to miss (the rounds are huge), gives you sawn-off horns.

Downsides: Low fire rate, clip size reduced from 10 to 6, cannot crit.

"Since the bullets are the same size as your enemy's head, it's perfect if you have poor aim."
Richard Riggs (Brutal Legend) by Ask-Jack-and-Thomas
Richard Riggs (Brutal Legend)
Sadly, no. I haven't played Brutal Legend (yet), but not having played a game hasn't stopped me from making OCs before, obviously.

So, here is Richard Riggs, son of Eddie Riggs and Ophelia. He's one third demon, one third Tear, and one third human. His demon powers gives him great strength and power with the Separator His Tear side gives him great shredding strength, but also a bit of mood issues, and his human side grants him easy use of Mandarin, his shredneck guitar.

While Mandarin is easy to use, it has less powers than Clementine, and it can't play as many solos.

I need to ask you watchers something: Should I write a fanfiction?

I can only think of three stories, honestly. Either a Human in Fallout Equestria story (would be my third try), a Human in Normal Equestria story (Second try), or one where all my characters get ponified and are sent to either Normal Equestria or Darkverse Equestria (First try).

If you can think of any others I can do, please tell me. Just, nothing with sex in it. I never have, nor ever will, try to write that sort of thing.


Ask-Jack-and-Thomas's Profile Picture
Markus Farlin
United States
A fan of many things, most of my art is original, however. Nuff said.

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maddog197x Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015  Student General Artist
Oh wow! Thanks for the watch, man!
Ask-Jack-and-Thomas Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015
Well, how else am I supposed to know when you upload the next part of the Christmas comic?
*Kidding. I like the other stuff you've made too :D (Big Grin) *
maddog197x Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015  Student General Artist
In the case of this comic, I'm doing one page per day. 
And I'm glad you like my art! Thanks!